Rural and Remote news for 2013-2016

Homelessness Partnering Strategy Rural & Remote Saskatchewan 2013-2016 Accomplishments



Lighthouse Supported Living Inc.
The Lighthouse builds people up one step at time. The light house provides emergency shelter, supportive living, and affordable housing for anyone in need of a place to call home. They provide assistance to individuals in reaching higher levels of personal growth, independence and resilience by providing supports and meeting needs through a client-centred approach.

Battlefords Emergency Shelter Upgrades-Capital Project- 2015/2016
The building that the Lighthouse uses was previously a church and did not contain a fire suppression system. They were able to purchase the fire compression system, remove the carpets in the sleeping area, fix their roof, and as well as purchase a commercial washer, dryer, fridges and stoves. This allowed lighthouse to become more sustainable for their clients.

North Battleford Transitional Living
NBTLI operates a transitional living facility in North Battleford. They work towards providing affordable housing and assistance to those whom are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. NBTLI supports clients with complex social and health needs, as they work towards their goal of healthy, stable, and independent living.

Housing Coordinator- Support Services-2015-2016
They were able to hire a Housing coordinator to provide services to their clients. The Housing coordinator partners with various agencies and organizations in the Battlefords to identify and support those whom are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. When these individuals enter in transitional living, they receive a high level of assessment and support to help them design a plan of action that will see them transition to healthy independent living. These supports include access to education, health care, family re-unification, and addictions. The Housing coordinator works with tenants to help them transition into the market rental economy. Success is monitored through follow-up visits and support.

Housing Liaison- North Battleford Transitional Living Facility (In cooperation with Light House Emergancy Shelter - North Battleford)- Housing First- 2014/2015
The North Battleford Transitional Living facility assisted people from being homeless to becoming self-sufficient and independent. North Battleford Transitional living Facility was able to identify and support those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.They worked towards developing of a Housing first strategy in the city of North Battleford. They built relationships with other agencies that provide housing and emergency shelter. They were able to build partnerships with the City of North Battleford, mental health, social services, and the RCMP.

The Food Bank Empty Stocking Fund Inc
The Battlefords Empty Stocking Fund was originally started by radio station CJNB in the 1950's to solicit goods, services and monetary donations for the purpose of distributing food and gift hampers to needy families in the Battlefords during the Christmas season. They continue to carry on this tradition as a non-profit, registered charity devoted to the Christmas campaign and to operating a year-round community food bank under the name Battlefords District Food and Resource Centre.

Empty Stockings Food Bank Accessibility Project- Capital Project- 2013/2014
The Food Bank Empty Stocking Fund Inc. replaced their doors to better provide access to food bank services for the 30% of Empty Stocking Fund Inc.'s clients, who are physically challenged. The replacement of the doors improved access for clients with mobility issues and brought the organization’s building up to meet the City of North Battleford’s bylaw requirements in regards to wheelchair accessibility.


Nipawin Oasis Centre
People, who are at risk of becoming homeless, use the Nipawin Oasis Community Centre Co-operative for support, security, food literacy, computers, job searching, and available housing. In addition, they advocate for people at-risk of homelessness from lack of advocacy, poor landlord/tenant relations and socio-economic barriers. The Nipawin oasis community co-operative centre focuses on building an inclusive community centre where people care, belong and get involved.

Nipawin Oasis Community Centre Capital Improvements- Capital Project- 2015/2016
They were able to build their capacity by purchasing a 7 passenger van to provide transportation for their clients to their programming. This allows the staff to be able to do outreach work by being able to delivering programs to clients and being able to doing home visits with the clients.

Nipawin Oasis Community Centre- support services- 2015/2016
Nipawin Oasis was able to connect clients to income support, pre-employment support, and bridging to the labour market. They provide Life skills development and support to improve clients’ social integration. They are able to provide their clients with both drop-in services and in services programs. Their programs promote and help all ages in need. The following include: men’s breakfast program, traditional time, women and girls beadwork program, mental health support group, after school youth program, family literacy, family support program, and professional development. Their programs provide a holistic approach in healing and dealing with addictions, mental health, homelessness, and as well as provide traditional practices for Aboriginal people.

Nipawin Oasis Community Centre Capital Improvements- Capital Project- 2014/2015
Nipawin Oasis Centre was able to provide a safe and stable place for their clients by getting their roof fixed. In addition, they purchased a 15 passenger van to transport youth, families, and individuals to programming within their facilities.

Nipawin Oasis Community Centre- Capital Project- 2013/2014
People who are at risk of becoming homeless use the Nipawin Oasis Community Centre Co-operative for support, security, food literacy, computers, job searching, and available housing. In addition, they advocate for people at-risk of homelessness from lack of advocacy, poor landlord/tenant relations and socio-economic barriers. Their funding has been integral to maintaining their services to at-risk populations, to renovate their facility, purchase appliances, furniture, install new doors, shelving and cupboards and re-tar the roof.


Melfort North East Outreach and Support
North East Outreach Domestic Violence Shelter will provide emergency shelter to women and children fleeing from domestic violence. This project will allow a safe place for victims to stay short term in their area to begin to rebuild their lives.

North East Outreach Domestic Violence Shelter- Capital project- 2015/2016
North East Outreach was able to get furnishings for their shelter. They were able to purchasebunk beds, double bed, tables, lamps, towel stands, night stands, mattress covers, aluminum racks, dining room chairs, and kitchen tables. Without these furnishings the shelter will not have been able to function.
The shelter is expected to be operational in May 2016.

Archerwill Local #58
Melfort Youth and Family Resource Centre promotes the self-sufficiency of Metis people in the region through economic and social development and employment and education programs. The centre offers a variety of programming, including: parenting programs, family violence and violence against women programs, youth programming, nutrition programming, and other community-based programming.

Melfort Youth & Family Resource Centre- Capital Project- 2013/2014
The Melfort Youth & Family Resource Centre received funding for a capital expense project and completed minor renovations to the centre, such as replacing the windows, painting the facility, and installing eave troughs, fixing a washroom downstairs, along with purchasing new furniture and a new stove. The furniture will be used by new moms learning to breast-feed; the windows allow an increase of natural light into classroom spaces; the eaves troughs enhance the sustainability of the roof; and the updates to the washrooms have made it into a usable men’s washroom.


Meadow Lake
Meadow Lake Outreach Ministries Inc.
Meadow Lake Outreach Ministries provides services to the segment population who struggle with or are at risk of homelessness. They offer a soup kitchen, food bank, drop-in center along with several other services that support those who struggle with homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.

Doors of Hope- New Truck- Capital project- 2014/2015
A large portion of the programming at Meadow Lake Outreach Ministries Inc. involves nutrition programming. The Door of Hope program provides food security through a food bank Outlet and daily noon hour meals from their kitchen. Food supplies must be picked up from other communities. The agency also requires stable transportation for a variety of necessary meetings in the surrounding community. Doors of Hope was able to purchase a new truck, by providing this new truck it they were able provide clients with meals and travel to get food supplies.

Door of Hope- Capital Project- 2013/2014
Meadow Lake Outreach Ministries Inc., (Door of Hope) replaced the floor in their facility to provide a safe and healthy environment for the Door of Hope clients. Asbestos tile was removed during the renovation process and new tiles were installed to meet the health standard requirement of the Prairie North Health Region.


Buffalo Narrows
Northern Village of Buffalo Narrows
Northern Village provides a healthy community and ensure the safety and well being of all community members.

Healthy Housing for all- Housing First Readiness- 2014/2015
Northern Village of Buffalo Narrows met with local housing authority, health care providers, including addictions and mental health, and social services agencies to determine what services are available to individuals and what the agencies capacity is to provide assertive community treatment and case management.

Buffalo Narrow studied existing successful housing first programs to understand the Housing First Program. Buffalo Narrow was able to become sustainable by using data and information gathered, and by designing a program to suit the need of the communities chronically homeless.


Yorkton Women in Need Inc.
The Shelwin house is an emergency shelter that provides a safe and supportive environment for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Their main goal is to ensure the victims of domestic violence have a safe supportive shelter, where they receive support, information and referrals to help them overcome the abuse they have endured and help them begin a journey free from abuse.

Flooring Replacement- Capital project- 2014/2015
Shelwin House purchased computers for the house that were needed. Shelwin house was able to fix the floors in the bathroom, replace locks as well as door replacement and met occupational, health and safety requirements.

Shelwin House Upkeep- Capital project- 2013/2014
Shelwin House emergency shelter provides a comfortable, well-maintained home-like atmosphere for victims of domestic violence. It is a licensed emergency shelter to house 15 people and provides staff 24 hours a day that are able to accommodate the needs of their clients by providing meals, emergency supplies, clothing, counselling, advocacy, referrals, social services and monitoring. Their clients length of stay varies based on the needs of the client. In order to maintain and expand services while meeting occupational, health and safety requirements, they replaced damaged flooring, purchased an air conditioning unit, upgraded housing appliances and painted.

Yorkton Transitional Homes for Youth Inc.
Yorkton Transitional Homes for Youth Inc opened a five bedroom transitional youth home in 2011.

Yorkton Transitional Homes for Youth Inc.-Data Collection- 2013/2014
Yorkton Transitional Homes for Youth Inc employed a consultant to develop a plan and engage partners in pursuit of building an emergency shelter for youth. As a result of this consultation process, drawings for the emergency shelter are being developed by News Corporation, properties are being matched to drawings, Sunrise Health Region has expressed interest in housing a mental health and addictions office in the shelter, and a submission has been made to the Ministry of Social Services for the operating budget of the facility for 2015.


Zenon Park
Zenon Park Lodge Co. Ltd.
Zenon Park Lodge is a low-income housing complex located in Zenon Park, Saskatchewan

Broiler Replacement and Laundry Upgrade- Capital Project- 2013/2014
Park Lodge added a washer and a dryer and a boiler to the facility, which increases the sustainability of the facility. The addition of the boiler decreases the costs in heating the building, which alleviates pressures to increase the rent of tenants. The addition of the washer and dryer is needed, because Zenon Park does not have a Laundromat and many of the residents do not have the means to access one in outside communities.


Swift Current
Fresh Start Inc.
Many Swift Current male youths between the ages of 15-30 are struggling with addictions, domestic violence and homelessness. JP's place is a program put in place to help address some of these issues in their community.

JP’s Place (Van)- Capital Project- 2013/2014
In support of JP's house youth transition facility, Fresh Start was approved for funding to purchase a Van to assist in the programs transportation needs. The program's goal is to reach out in a meaningful way to struggling youth, families & individuals in their community. The van's transportation will be integral in addressing the community's needs at the local level, and offering mobile and affective resources to address youth issues in their community.

JP’s Place- Capital Project-2013/2014
Fresh Start was approved for a capital grant to provide power sharing, housing supports for young men that may otherwise be on the streets, or in unsafe housing situations. With the approved funding, the group purchased and renovated a 4 bedroom home where youth participating in Fresh Start Programming can live and recover.

Southwest Street Culture Foundation Committee Local Homelessness Plan
Street Culture Kidz Project Inc. opened the doors to their 15-bed emergency youth shelter in Regina, SK in 2011. Prior to the opening of the shelter, Street Culture had been providing youth support and employment programs since 1997.

Southwest Street Culture Shelter project- Capital Project- 2013/2014
They were approved to fund the first year of partnership working towards a plan on addressing youth homelessness in Swift current. Building on past successes such as 'Downtown Browne's' youth shelter which opened in 2011 in Regina, this project will fund a plan to build another youth shelter to address youth homelessness in Swift Current.


Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay Community Resource Center
The Sandy Bay CRC is a community-based organization offering services in the areas of homelessness, preventative family support, youth support, human outreach resources, restorative justice, and reintegration work. They own a trailer that was donated to them by the Northern Village of Sandy Bay. The trailer has been renovated to help the community address issues of poverty, homelessness, youth programming and education.

Sandy Bay Community Resource Center Project- capital project- 2013/2014
They operate a lunch program, a clothing depot, homecare services, family, youth, and elder support services, self-esteem workshops, parenting classes, independence and budgeting classes. With the increased amount of space from the trailer, the CRC will be able to install computers, build a-drop in center and provide preventative services to people at risk of homelessness currently.