Regina Homelessness Community Advisory Board (RHCAB)

Regina Homelessness Community Advisory Board

The Regina Homelessness Community Advisory Board (RHCAB) is the local organizing committee responsible for setting direction in addressing homelessness within our community.  While they are responsible for HPS funding decisions, their role goes beyond that. They work to encourages partnership building and are involved with aligning efforts to end and prevent homelessness throughout the community.  They identify priorities through a planning process, determine which projects should be implemented to address those priorities and reports back to the larger community on the efforts made and results achieved in preventing and reducing homelessness. They have also initiated and are guiding the process of a Plan To End Homelessness in Regina, dedicating both funding and leadership to the process.

On the Regina Homelessness Community Advisory Board, 4 out of the 10 current members are Indigenous community leaders, including the Board Chair. During Regina's point in time count of homelessness in 2015, 75% of those counted and surveyed were Indigenous, making it clear that the conversation surrounding homelessness disproportionately impacts this community. As a leadership group in the community, RHCAB knows it's crucial to engage the Indigenous community and ensure this process is Indigenous led.


Regina Community Advisory Board Members
  • Dustin Browne, Street Culture Project (Board Chair)
  • Robert Byers, Namerind Housing Corporation
  • Susan Hollinger, Ministry of Social Services
  • Dawn Jacobs, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region
  • Lana Phillips, Saskatchewan Housing Corporation
  • Jennifer Barrett, City of Regina
  • Pam Sanderson, Newo Yotina Friendship Centre (Board Vice-Chair)
  • Bruce McKee, Community Member
  • Jo-anne Goodpipe, First Nations University of Canada
  • Will Hayden, Regina Police Services

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