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Find A Shelter

Women's Shelters

Regina Transition House - 306.569.2292

YWCA - Kikinaw Residence - 306.525.2141

YWCA - My Aunts Place - 306.545.7786

W.I.S.H. Safe House - 306.543.0493

Sofia House306.565.2537


Men's Shelters

Salvation Army - 306.569.6088

Souls Habour Rescue Mission - 306.543.0011


Youth Shelters

Downtown Browne's Emergency Shelter - 306.545.3445


Emergency Shelters in America (Specific to USA)

Homeless Shelter Directory

Pets of The Homeless


Find A Meal

Carmichael Outreach - Food Recovery Program - 306.757.2235

Regina Food Bank - 306.791.6533

Souls Habour Rescue Mission - 306.543.0011

Marion Centre - 306.757.0073


Find Clothing

Carmichael Outreach - 306.757.2235

Souls Habour Rescue Mission - 306.543.0011

Marion Centre (Men's Clothing) - 306.757.0073


Find Furniture

Blue Mantle Thrift Shop - 306.565.8025


Help Me With Housing

Housing First Intake & Assessment

Phoenix Residential Society HOMES Program - 306.565.5636


Carmichael Outreach Housing List

List of housing options in Regina, posted weekly

Affordable Housing Providers

Namerind Housing Corporation - 306.525.0147

Silver Sage Housing Corporation - 306.721.2909

Gabriel Housing Corporation - 306.775.2905

Regina Housing Authority - 306.525.2377

Ranch Ehrlo Society - 306.584.3317


Temporary Housing Providers

Red Ribbon Place - 306.924.8427


Help With My Addiction

If you have an addiction and need help, you can contact RQHR Addiction Treatment Centre and make an appointment to get help at 306.766.6650

Brief Detox Centre - 306.766.6622

Harm Reduction Methadone Clinic - 306.766.6350

Drug Treatment Court - 306.766.6300

Metis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Inc. - 306-522-3681

Homelessness and Substance Abuse Info

The Recovery Village


Talk To Someone

Emergency? Call 911

Regina Crisis/Suicide Line - 306.525-5333

Mobile Crisis Regina - 306.757.0127

Sexual Assault Line - 306.352-0434

Healthline (for professional health advice) - 1.877.800.0002

Young People - Kids Help Phone - 1.800.668.6868


Street Survival Guide - 2013 Digital Version

Regina Survival Guide and Map V.5 by DrSpooner


RQHR Street Survival Guide

This document is made possible by Four Directions Community Health Center Regina QuAppelle Health Region, City of Regina Planning and Development Division, University of Regina Department of Justice Studies, Rebecca Richards Community Member.  For more information or input, please call 306-766-7549.

Instructions: Print the pages double sided (or photocopy double sided).  Cut sheets in half. Fold and staple.

Downloadable Version - click here

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