Diversion Services Information

As part of the Centralized Housing Intake Process (CHIP) hosted by Phoenix HOMES and supported by other homelessness serving organizations, a collaborative model that has been developed to partner with other agencies working to house those living in homeless and coordinate services, pamphlets were developed to help with diversion services.

If you need support in any of the following ways, follow the link to find more information on various topics relating to homelessness and housing. Other agencies may feel free to print copies of the pamphlets to hand out to individuals in need of support. If you're interested in finding more information about the Centralized Housing Intake Process, or potentially joining the collaboration, you can find more information here or can contact Phoenix HOMES at 306-565-5636.

Are you currently homeless and...

in need of a place to stay tonight?

want more information about renting a place?

want more infomation about your rights?

need general support and questions answered?


Are you NOT currently homeless, but...

want information on how to stay housed?

want information about evictions and how to prevent them?

need to move?

want information about landlord responsibilities for repairs?

want information about being a renter and owning a pet?


Are you hungry and...

need information on no cost and low cost food options?

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