Engaging The Community

Here is the info for the rest of our upcoming Design Labs/Community Consultation Sessions for the Plan To End Homelessness in Regina. Please Register if you haven't done so yet.

Design Lab/Community Consultation Topics

Integrating Approaches for Women in Community Plan:

Exploring ways to integrate responses for women into a broader system response, with a particular emphasis on how domestic violence factors into this.
May 30 3:30pm - 5:30pm
YWCA 1940 McIntyre Street

Reconciliation, Partnerships & Healing, Frontline Workers:

Exploring ways that mainstream agencies can be responsive to TRC Calls to Action via Plan implementation and strategy.
May 31 9am – 11am
YMCA Regina 2400 13th Avenu

Integrating Approaches for Youth in Community Plan:
Focus on development and implementation of key youth strategies into Plan.
May 31 1pm - 3pm
Street Culture Project 1314 11th Avenue

Developing Mental Health & Addictions Support:
We will explore how current harm reduction approaches can be enhanced to best support the Plan.
June 4 9am – 11am
RQHR Addiction Treatment Centre 1640 Victoria Avenue

Research Agenda to Support the Plan:
Embedding research, evaluation, and evidence-based practices in Plan roll-out will enhance impact and continuous improvement. This session will explore the role of researchers and identify key research priorities to support implementation.
June 5 9am – 11am
YMCA Regina 2400 13th Avenue


Integrating Approaches for Newcomers in Community Plan:

Focus on strategies that address particular needs of newcomers experiencing homelessness
June 5 1pm – 3pm
Regina Immigrant Women’s Centre 1801 Toronto Street

Engaging the Faith Community:
Regina’s faith community has made considerable investments in addressing social issues; we will explore areas where this role can be enhanced in advancing the Plan
June 5 330pm – 530pm
Knox Metropolitan Church 2340 Victoria Avenue

Engaging Landlords in Housing First as Part of Community Plan:

Develop strategies for action to further engage landlords in supporting and championing the plan to end homelessness - also engage in conversation about what rent supports are needed to maintain housing for people.
June 6 1pm – 3pm
YMCA Regina 2400 13th Avenue

Causes of Homelessness & Diversion:
Building short and long term actionable strategies aimed at direct causes of homelessness in order to stop the flow into the homeless-serving system. This conversation will focus on short & immediate actions that can “kick-start” diversion work.
June 7 9am – 11am
YMCA Regina 2400 13th Avenue

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