February 14, 2018

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An end to homelessness is possible. The question is how does Regina get there? This question will be answered in the coming months as work begins on a Plan To End Homelessness in Regina.

The YMCA of Regina is excited to launch Regina's Plan To End Homelessness.

When:            Friday, February 16th, 2018 at 10:00am

Where:           Downtown YMCA, 2400 13th Ave, Gymnasium

On February 16th, The YMCA of Regina, Community Entity for the Homelessness Partnering Strategy in Regina, along with the Regina Homelessness Community Advisory Board and their partners will be hosting a Press Conference to launch the process to develop a Plan To Prevent and End Homelessness in Regina. There will be greetings from Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale's office, Minister of Corrections and Policing Christine Tell, Mayor Michael Fougere and Regina Police Services Chief Evan Bray. This will be followed by an introduction to the team working on the plan along with a short presentation. Refreshments will be provided.

Through an extensive Call For Proposal process, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, Turner Strategies, and A Way Home Canada were selected to help lead the development of the Plan To End Homelessness in Regina. Through the Government of Canada's Homelessness Partnering Strategy, $60,000 was committed to building this plan. The City of Regina has matched the funding, recognizing the need for Regina to have a comprehensive plan in place. The Homelessness Partnering Strategy is a community-based Government of Canada program designed to address homelessness across the Country, relying on communities to determine their own needs and to develop projects accordingly.

"An end to homelessness is absolutely possible," says Stephen Gaetz of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. "A lot of great work has been happening in Regina over the past years and we have a lot of great examples from across Canada to look to as we strive for a robust response to homelessness. Ultimately we need strong and adequately resourced system approach that ensures homelessness is prevented whenever possible, and when it occurs, it is a rare, brief and non-recurring experience.”

The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, along with Turner Strategies and A Way Home Canada, will spend the next 6-8 months consulting with the community, and bringing their expertise to the plan. There will be a committee of community champions involved in the process from various sectors and organizations with a vested interest in an end to homelessness in Regina . They will ensure Regina ends up with an ambitious and achievable plan.

"We are excited to have their leadership and extensive expertise involved," notes Terin Kennedy, Director of The Plan To End Homelessness at the YMCA of Regina. "Right now, many in Regina are caught up in the shelter system with little hope of finding their own home. We want to change that, and believe it can happen with enough resources alongside the political and societal will to make it happen."

The goal is for a September release of the plan. The final product will include a number of cost scenarios alongside target benchmarks to address homelessness for Regina, such as length of time individuals spend in homelessness, the level of housing support they have once they exit homelessness, and the rates of homelessness relapse once individuals have been housed. It will include a definition of Functional Zero for Regina, specifying what it will take for Regina to ensure any episodes of homelessness are rare, brief and non-recurring.


The following individuals will be available for interview after the event:

Shawn Fraser

YMCA of Regina

Director of Senior Partnerships


Professor Stephen Gaetz

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

Professor & Director


Dr. Alina Turner

Turner Strategies



Melanie Redman

A Way Home Canada

President & CEO


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