On Edmonton and Las Vegas

This post isn't about homelessness.

While Regina Homelessness generally uses this blog and its social media feeds to speak solely on homelessness issues, it's impossible to ignore the news over the weekend. The events in Edmonton followed by the immense tragedy in Las Vegas are leaving many frightened and unsure, understandably so. This feels like a moment in time where it's important to speak out. The pain and anger many feel, especially those close to the situation is very real. We're just a small group in Regina, far removed from these instances, yet it feels like it happened next door. To our neighbours. When Mr. Rogers was a child, and the news was scary, his Mother would tell him "Always look for the helpers. There's always someone willing to help." The good in the hearts of our community outnumbers the bad. While the weight feels heavy right now, we can lift each other up and help one another to move forward and make this world a better place. 

We stand with the courageous First Responders and those dealing with trauma from unfolding events. Your courage and strength is the glue that gives the world hope. This is a time where it's tempting for all of us to give in to fear and distrust, to look at our neighbors and put up barriers. Instead, look to the helpers and see the good. Don't let the actions of troubled individuals, however heinous they are, distract you from the good in people.

Pull together. Strand strong. If we do, this kind of evil will not beat us.


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