New Additions to Regina's Homelessness Partnering Strategy Team!

We'd like to formally welcome two new members to the Regina Homelessness Partnering Strategy Team. 

Danyta Kennedy joins us as our Director of Homelessness Partnering and Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Collaboration. She will work specifically on collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners and will be a valuable addition to our team as we work towards implementing relevant Calls To Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and supporting our Indigenous population. You can reach Danyta at

Kiran Kaur joins us our Director of Homelessness Partnering and Administration. She will work directly with our many partners and ensure timely communication and reporting, keeping us moving forward and on track. Her skill set will help us as we work towards ending homelessness in Regina. You can reach Kiran at .


Stay tuned as we have a plan to use our blog more intentionally and regularly in the coming months to drive the conversation surrounding Housing First and Homelessness in Regina. 


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