Housing First Successful in First Year: The Results Speak For Themselves

Housing First works and it's time to expand its reach in Regina, Saskatchwean. We are proud to announce these numbers in collaboration with OrgCode Consulting and statistics provided by the Ministry of Health, Regina Qu'appelle Health Region and Regina Police Services. Phoenix HOMES (Housing and Other case Management and Engagement Services) are the real champions behind all these numbers. They have built a collaborative system that is working to meet the needs of those living in chronic and episodic homelessness. They have worked tirelessly to support their clients. Regina still has a long way to go, but these initial numbers speak to us being on the right track.

Prior to Entering Phoenix HOMES

  • 83 Hospital Admissions
  • 663 Days in Hospital
  • 1158 Emergency Room Visits
  • 4587 Detox Visits
  • 1153 Calls for Service from Police
  • 867 Arrests from Police

After Entering Phoenix Homes

  • 35 Hospital Admissions
  • 342 Days in Hospital
  • 243 Emergency Room Visits
  • 416 Detox Visits
  • 123 Calls for Service from Police
  • 58 Arrests from Police

Total cost savings to the Province of Saskatchewan and City of Regina totals $1,923, 070.

The numbers speak for themselves. Today, we celebrate the accomplishment of Phoenix HOMES. Tomorrow, we get back to work until we reach Functional Zero in Regina, where no person has to wait to find housing and no individuals fall through the cracks. Our city can end homelessness with the right resources and leadership. Today spoke to the willingness of all parties  to join together and collaborate. Now it's time to put action behind our words. 

Cost of calls for service and arrests - (Provided by Regina Police Services)
Cost of standard hospital stay - $7308 (Canadian Institute for Health Information)
Cost of ER visit (excludes physician compensation, testing/bloodwork, etc) - $439 (Ministry of Health)
Cost of detox visit (Saskatoon detox) - $235 (Ministry of Health)

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